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I am driving my car most every day and this weekend I am on a small trip of  400 miles to make sure my car is ready!

I just put another engine in mine. hope it starts this weekend!

Norman Bagi:
Thanks for all the good vibes, please post all media contacts and events here.

I did email the Dave Shelly and Chainsaw radio show explaining the Stampede, my involvement in it, and how to help, but I don't think they read it... or they thought it was a spam. That show is broadcast around the world via computer and it's based in beautiful San Diego. Since Pinto comes up frequently in their show (not super negative, believe it or not), I thought Dave, the Guy In Charge, might throw us a bone.
 Tomorrow I am calling Bill Drew of Drew Ford because he promised me $200 worth of gas cards when it gets close to show-time. Who knows what might come out of that besides gas cards!?!  :D

Norman Bagi:
For those who missed the itnerview live, our webmaster has it posted on our site.


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