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I will be doing a live radio interview about the Stampede tomorrow, Friday the 27th at 9:30am central time, on 1670WTDY Madison WI Sly in the Morning Show. Listen on the web here

Norman Bagi:
I just completed the NPR interview, I worked to dispell some of the statistics they had, it will air at 12:30 pm eastern time, so that should be 11:30 central and 10:30 mountain and 9:30 Pacific.
It is going oout to 171 radio stations throughout the day check the previous listing for one in your area or listen here on the web.

Norman Bagi:
Front Page of the Denver Post!!!!! Biggest newspaper in the midwest! Today things get bigger and better.  Tonight is the meet and greet, let's hope for some TV.
 :happy_bday: :lol: :drunk:

I just saw the article-AWESOME!!

There's also an article in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal in the automotive section. I cant find ths story on line but still  ;D


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