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On Monday, May 23rd, Myself, Dave Kawa and a couple of supporters will be on the Racing Roundup show to talk about the Stampede and what we are doing. We are not sure what time we are actually going on but it's only a 1 1/2 hour show. Also, our cars will be on display in front of Paulies to promote the show.The show starts at 7pm Central and can be seen live at  BE SURE TO TUNE IN AND WATCH

Norman Bagi:
Let us know the time and station location on the web.

Norman Bagi:
WIBC in Indianapolis will be doing a live interview on the Stampede friday AT 11:00 AM Eastern time.  They are the big Sports, Racing station in the area. here is the link


--- Quote from: Rear Ended on May 10, 2011, 03:10:48 PM ---Let us know the time and station location on the web.

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OOPS!!   www.racingroun    It's a local racing show but can been seen live on the net

Norman Bagi:
The Denver Post is doing a story to publish just before we leave.  Photo oportunity on Friday May 27th. for all who can make it early.


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