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Send me your stories of the Stampede.


Norman Bagi:
I want to compile pictures, video and stories of the 40th and the Stampede.  Send me whatever you have, I want to know how you got time off, how long you planned, how you prepared, what spare parts you brought you just in case.  Where you met, what the experience was like, etc. I want to record this special event somehow.

I can send you a dvd of denver.. It has you" mooning" Joes car right when he started livestream  and has everyone heading out the parking lot

Norm, is this for the stampede or for any of us that were at the 40th?

Norman Bagi:
If you have pics and video of the 40th, that too is wanted, I also want to hear the stories for both.

Stories from the Pinto Road
see here ~~>
This is for everyone that would like to submit one for the Pinto Stampede website. Tell your story of the Pinto Stampede, 2011 Carlisle Ford Nationals and we even have a few from people with old memories to share.
Great stories from everone that has submitted so far, I know I look forward to seeing more as does Norm so keep em' coming  ;D


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