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PostalPony getting busted!- by Sherrif Dave...

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Scott Hamilton:
 Dick was busted for 'Speeding' during the Stampede by a Motorcycle Cop. Our own Deputy Dave (See the badge?) waited until the opportune moment during the show to 'capture' his fugitive.

How can you speed during the Stampede where everyone is doing 55-60 MPH?... Yup, Dick found a way!

HONEST OFFICER---I was just trying to catch up.
For those that don't know the story, I was behind Cookieboy
who was following Joe in 3 lanes of OPEN highway.
Cookieboy went left to overtake Joe, when I got the dumb
idea to go right & pass Joe, when I got by him I thought well
I'll go hammer down & pull away. All was well until one of
W Va's Finest took my passing speed--83.762, and the rest
is history.  I would like to state that the motorcycle Officer
was  an understanding  gentleman, when presented with
facts of what we THE PINTO STAMPEDE were doing & what I
did was for documentation, he graciously let the speed pass.
I don't know if he was a veteran or not, but being honest with
him had a big effect on the outcome. To him I give my respect
for a job humanly well done Thank you SIR!!
                 I would do it again.    Dick       83mph Postalpony

Hey Postalpony, something for you at the end if this  ;)
at 14:06

lol nice man. love the part where he gets pulled over  :2fast4u:

Oh man... What is it about Wva cops pulling us Pinto owners over? I got busted for a bad headlight, also in Wva. Like Dick I got let off lol.


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