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Norman Bagi:
go to and register for the drive of a lifetime. The dates are confirmed June 3rd, 4th & 5th 2011. Carlisle Pennsylvania.  The 40th anniversary of the Pinto.  We plan on arriving on Thursday the 2nd. mid day for registration.  Don't miss out, we are planning early so we can plan it right.  Make this a vacation for the whole family, see this beautiful country and spend time with freinds both new and old.

Norman Bagi:
This thing could go all the way!  From California that is!  Three California Pintos signed on today.  A few more and this could be some trek.  If you are interested, fill in the questionaire below and e-mail it to

In order to accommodate, get better rates and make this experience joyful for those who wish to participate, please fill in the questionaire below so we can look into a route, basic head count, accommodations, sponsorships, etc.






Telephone number?


Type, color  and year of pinto or Bobcat?


Is your car road worthy or will be by June 2011?


Where are you coming from?


How many miles could you drive in a day?


How many days of driving can you tolerate?


What route would you prefer to take I-80, I-70, other?


Are you planning on making the entire trip, or where would you like to start from or meet up?


Are you bringing a trailer? (otherwise we may have to pay for support vehicles, we are also looking into sponsorship on this)


If someone else brings a support vehicle, would you consider chipping in for gas expenses since this could possibly keep any of us from being stranded?


How much would you consider a reasonable donation toward a support vehicle if no sponsorship can be arranged?


Do you have any spare parts?


Would you consider letting others use them in an emergency? (if they agreed to reimburse of course)


Would you prefer to camp out or make use of a hotel? (we want to look into group rates)


Are you driving back home or would you like to have your car trailered? (we may look into group rates on a truck)


Anything else you feel was missed or is an important issue, please add this information as well.


Thanks, It may be early, but I am trying to get an idea of how many to plan for.


Norman Bagi


I have a beautiful all original 1971 Pinto for sale that could make the drive from California to Pennsylvania OR it has a tow bar already in place from it's RV days. Interested??

Where are you, what price, and have you got pictures? ;D

Norman Bagi:
A documentary will be made following the Pinto Stampede and the trip to the 40th Anniversary in Carlisle Pennsylvania. It will cover the interesting people that own Pintos and what drew them toward owning one. Working together as they make the trip across America, taking in the sites, and making memories along the way.  The history of the Pinto, the myths and public perceptions.   All while raising money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project.

For more information, or to join in go to.


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