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Pinto Stampede

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Norman Bagi:
You are the man!!  I am watching it now and had to say thanks.  Great Job!!

This will be the new link for the video. I'm moving my Pinto/car stuff to this channel.

New link for all of the videos is
There is a single player on the page with thumbnails for each of the 3 videos.
All of my copies of the videos will live here until I create my new Pinto web page. Norm will have copies for pintostampede. com as well.

Joe, you so ROCK!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I FINALLY watched the latest installment of Stampede footage... and was blown away! For starters, the music is excellent (nice interpretation of Kansas City! lol I also loved the music played between Fort Riley and Topeka.) Then the reliving that drive... oh yes... and when I needed a push back in Salina. LOL!!! Gawd! I wanna go on that trip again. I wish there was a replay button for experiences like these. Joe Escobar... you've given us the closest thing to it. Thank you. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


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