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Pinto Stampede & NASCAR!!!!!!!!!!


Norman Bagi:
Ladies and gentlemen, Start! Your! Engines!!!!!  :hypno:
I am proud to announce that Nascar has jumped on the Stampede.  At 3pm on Memorial day after a memorial service at Fort Riley we will role into Kansas Speedway 4 days before the Sprint cup race!  We will do laps here as well!  Nascar loves the idea of the Pintos taking the track.  They all ready are in contact all the local media outlets for us.  Another huge stop on the Stampede, maybe we will meet some of the Nascar greats, maybe we will be a topic of discussion during the broadcast. Possibilities here are huge. If you are not signed on for this drive, you will be missing out on the Pinto event of a lifetime.  Stay tuned for what is coming next!  :read: 
We aint done yet!
Respect the PINTO!!! :nocool:

TOO COOL maybe ill have to listen to ( convoy) this track and replace truckin with pinto!

Norm! you're going to make me have to drive to Salina KS to meet the Stampede! instead of Indy.
Ugh... another 1000 miles added to the total trip if I do that!  :lost:

This is turning into an epic adventure.
Count me in for this one too.
I'm in Springfield Mo.
Kansas Speedway is closer than St louis, so I'll
meet up with you guys there.


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