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Norman Bagi:
Join the Pinto Stampede face book page.  We need 100 members so that we can improve our status on facebook.  You will still get all the same information here, but we need to update the facebook page for media purposes.

here is this direct link, encourage your friends


--- Quote from: Cookieboystoys on March 09, 2011, 09:18:51 PM ---here is this direct link, encourage your friends

--- End quote ---

overnight I jumped from 8 facebook friends who "like" this to 17 who "like" this! Yea!

But we are still 33 short of the goal of 100 so please! If you have Facebook spread the word among your friends. You have to go to the link provided and look for the "like" button towards the top and click the "like" botton.


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