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Dick & DreamBeam's Wife? in Indy...


Scott Hamilton:
Sherri, Tommy's (DreamBeam) wife and Dick (PostalPony) were 'riding' up the elevator at the Indy hotel...  The elevator became inoperative, they had to wait for an elevator tech to push the doors open to 'escape'...

Dick, Tommy thinks you sabotaged the elevator your self!... It took me several seconds to calm him down. Do we need to call Deputy Dave?

Scott you ain't gettin' no payoff money after this!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Could this be the start of "Pintogate"?  ;D

ROFLMAO  This is so funny. I didn't know that there were pictures. Well Dick, You can say you have had an eventful trip. LOL


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