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Fabulous Fords Forever 2013

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That time again, Got emailed the entry and filled it out. 

1st pinto is entered.  Who else is going???

Did not say that I should not forward the address for others to use.

Some year I will make the cross country drive but not this year

Even though I think the venue there is the worst possible one anyone could have ever chosen, and I hate Ford Mustangs, and I am in Northern California now....Of course I will be there.

Hello all, [/font]Online registration for Fabulous Fords Forever is now open!

[/font][/font] [/font]The registration rate is ahead of last year's.  Don't delay.  More Pintos at the show means fewer Mustangs.[/font][/color] [/font]You do not have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal.

Please register as soon as you can. It looks like they will not only fill up this year, but they will do it in record time. Just so you know, the old way of mailing in a registration is still fine but thanks to the online method, people are doing it faster than before.



 ;D  well as a very small inside joke i know they wont let ant fiats in! have you bought a 500 yet? well that was fun cya alberto  chris


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