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reliving the epic 2013 Stampede

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Norman Bagi:
That was one set of circumstances. Sorry you had to deal with all that.  Shoot me an email at with all your information and I will keep you in the loop on any plans for next year.

Norman Bagi:
Another story I need to share. In 2011 Richard Metcalf donated a pinto watch and Jim Madison raffled it off, they raised over $500 for the Flight 93 memorial while we were there. When we were getting ready to start the cars and begin this years Stampede, Richard pulled out a document and began to read it.
Dear Pinto Stampede,
In recognition of your very generous contribution we are proud to acknowledge you as a founding member of the Flight 93 memorial. Your name will be inscribed on the founding members section of the memorial in recognition of your support.
We are also pleased to enclose you flight 93 Natioanl America Flag. As you certificate of authenticity states, this flag has been flown over the final resting place of the 40 Heroes of Flight 93 who gave the ultimate sacrifice for thier country by thwarting an attack on the nations capital on September 11, 2001.
I cannot thank you enough for your generous support of our efforts. With patriotic supporters like you, we made our goal of dedicating the memorial by the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001. Your flag and the Flight 93 National Memorial will preserve the memory of the passengers and crew of Flight 93 and ensure the people of the world know the significance of thier actions for generations to come.
Thank you again for your generous support to this historic endeavor. Your gift truly made a difference.
Tom Ridge
National honorary co-chair
Flight 93 National Memorial

After reading this, Richard presented me with the flag and paperwork. I still get choked up thinking about it. With tearfilled eyes, I got into my Pinto and we began our Stampede. This will have a special wooden display case made and it will hang in a place of honor in my home.  This Stampede has become so much more than just a drive. Funny how with all the planning, I always feel like this will be the last one, I feel tired and stressed, then we get together and I cannot wait for the next one........... .... See you all in 2014!

Once again, THANK YOU Norm. We had Fun.

Seriously... that Stampede is one of the best things a pinto person can do and be a part of. Epic rides, unforgettable memories, great stops, race tracks and of course the best part is getting to meet the people behind the names and avatars. Thank You Norm! what you have started... I hope goes on and on and I get to join another.

did I mention the race tracks ? ? ?

  One of our unplanned stops was the Trail of Tears State Park in Missouri . We stopped by the visitors center and after hearing we were driving Ford Pinto one of the workers got really excited and grabbed her camera. She mentioned that just two weeks before a group of Vegas stopped by. What are the odds?? We talked Pinto with her and then proceded through the park to a lookout overlookng the Mississippi River. Along the drive to the lookout Richard's clutch over heated  and we all had to push him up one of the hills.It cooled off and he was good to go.


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