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Gateway Motorsports park!


Norman Bagi:
Ladies and gentlemen, Start your engines!
This just in, day 2 of the Stampede will feature Gateway Motorsports park!
We will do laps on the Oval.
We will do laps on the Road course. (yes both of them)
Not only that but that evening hosts drag races and drift cars.  For those who want to go on to Festus, it is only an hour down the road and we will catch up to you. 
For those who want to stay for the evenings events, we may make a pass or two on the quarter mile
We also will be doing a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior project while the audience is in attendance.
We will have the St. Louis press on hand to cover the event and it should be a heck of a time.
Anyone who now wants to join the Stampede can email Norm at
Oval and road course will take place around 3-4pm the drag races start at 8pm and go until 2am.
Special thanks to Wayne Layman for the idea and to Ford and John Clor for putting us in touch with the right people. Ford!  "Drive One!"  8)

So let me get this right. A Oval, A Road Course AND a Drag Race!!! Norm, Wayne and John,  T H A N K  Y O U !!!!

Dang !
I miss all the fun !
Would have been cool to line my B2 car along with Norm's B2 car at the xmas tree !

74 PintoWagon:
Sounds like a real fun event.


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