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Drive from Alabama to Loves Park illinois & Stampede

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Scott Hamilton:
OK guys... I have a project at work that will be delaying my stampede departure 1 day... (I'm hoping this is the ONLY delay)..

I'm leaving now the 30th from Alabama to arrive in Loves Park late into the afternoon/evening on the 31st... Won't miss any of the Stampede but might miss some folks drive up together.

Looking forward to the RIDE!!

Scott Hamilton:
I have my electric fan, electric choke and water, volts and oil pressure gauges installed and working for the stampede. My son and I will be making the ride while the wife and daughter stay behind and take care of the animals.

Taking i40 to i24 to i57 to i74 to US51...

Staying overnight somewhere between Cape Girardeau and Springfield- will wing it.

Looking forward to the ride... it's almost here!

Fred Morgan:
Just in case any interest. Go west on eye 40 over bridge to West Memphis look to left there is a yellow Maverick sitting in a field.  Fred   :)

Not to late for you to come Fred.. Jim Madison has Pintos for you to drive.

Scott Hamilton:

Almost ready to leave....  :D

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