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2013 Stampede to start with a BANG!!!!!

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Norman Bagi:
The Stampede will start with a BANG!!!!!
 Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, we have a Stampede for 2013!
 We will start at Bullet Stop Guns in Rockford Illinois.  We will Barbeque, we will shoot guns at the Range and then we will ride!  The Stampede will run over three days from Thursday August 1st-Saturday August 3rd, 2013 ending in Memphis Tennessee.  We will be driving down alongside the Mighty Mississippi river and taking in the sites of one of the most beautiful drives this country has to offer.
 Now for the great news, without even posting this we all ready have 10 Pinto's participating in the drive!
 Anyone wishing to participate can email me at and please check back at , and for the latest on stops, and attractions along the way.Get them ponies ready and mount up!

If my 76 wagon isn't ready, can I drive my Mustang?

Scott Hamilton:
I'm in- It's in my back yard...


I'm in also.Can't bring a Pinto,how about a Stiletto.See you all there.

Scott Hamilton:
Yea, Harley!  Can't wait to see the Stiletto in person!


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