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2013 Stampede to start with a BANG!!!!!

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Looking forward to hitting the road with my Pinto friends again! Yelb, you have almost 8 months , plenty of time to get that wagon back together.

Norman Bagi:
Harley!!!!  Awesome, I cannot wait to see that Stilleto! 
So far we have a Stilleto and a Pangra, man this is gonna be awesome!
In a few short hours we have Fifteen Pinto's people!
Richard, Mike, Jeff, Arnaldo, Jim, Dave, David, Harley, Brian, Norm, Louise, Scott, Tony, John and Wayne.
All have signed on to drive their cars barring any unforseen circumstances.
 Looks like we have a Stampede people, I am looking forward to this years event with a newly found passion.


--- Quote from: Norman Bagi on December 07, 2012, 09:35:17 PM ---and a Pangra....

--- End quote ---

who said I was gonna drive the monster  ::) :P

Norman Bagi:
That would be me.  :o   You have to bring the Pangra if Harley is bringing the Stiletto.  8)  Think of all the people that would not even know either of those was a Pinto.  When they see us rolling up and you two guys are in the lineup, heads will roll!  ???



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