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Pictures from Fabulous Fords today

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Scott Hamilton:
I see Mike's (Love dat BOSS!!), Barth's (Brad's old PAN-), Becky's (Are those new Wheels?), Fred's, Joe's (Sweet new paint job!)- Who's was the silver with the fender flairs? Sweet...  If I did not mention you, forgive me- it's hard to keep up with everyone's ride & it's been 2 years since I have been to Knotts.  Looks like a great turnout!

Nope... the wheels were on her when I went back east last year! I did wash them, though.  ::)   I'm not happy that Alberto caught me feeding my face... but in my defense those were pretzels I was munching on.  ;D I was a good girl... til breakfast and dinner later! lol :o

hi looks like a great show sorry i was unable to go. anybody know who owns the blue wagon? it looks a little like my 77 wagon.  thanks chris

GREAT photos!  Looks like the weather was fantastic and everyone was having a good time!  The weather here on the east coast was/is cold and miserable!  Yuk! :P   For years, I'd said 2012 was going to be my year to make it to Knotts but unfortunately life got in the way and it was impossible for me to leave home this year.  It's still on my bucket list, though... so one of these days!!!
Dwayne :)


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