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Meeting in the Morning for Breakfast & then Gallop In!


Ok, we are all set for Carrows in the morning. We can figure out where to meet after the day of. There are a lot of nice places so it iwll depend on who wants do go.
On Sunday we should all try to get to the restaurant by 7:00. It takes about 1 hour to get through breakfast and the other things we do at breakfast.
Sunday: 7:00 am meet at Carrows for breakfast and fun and games/give aways.
              8:30 am caravan to the show.
              3:00 pm show is over.
              3:30-45 Any ideas?
Here is a link for the mapquest map to where Carrows is.

8650 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, CA 90620-3954
(714) 826-4280

 If any one has a question, please email turbopinto72 or me.

I am looking forward to meeting all the new people and seeing all of the veterans! Drive safe and lets have another great and fun year.

After the show on Sunday, what about a caravan to like In and Out Burger. There's one on Valley View ave. in Buena Park to the west of the show about 6 miles or in Fullerton on Harbor and Orangethrope about 5 miles from the show. I don't know what else goes on in Orange County on Sunday. angelos on State College have anything happening now days. I'am a cruiser from the 80's around there. Just need somewhere to show everyone our fine rides. :)

i'll be there with my boy.  see you all there


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