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Fabulous Fords Forever April 22 2012

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I got my invitation in the mail the other day!! Getting pretty excited about it. This year we are taking Nellie Belle! It will be her first time. We are even kind of tossing it around about driving her the whole way. I'm not sure I want to put the mileage on her though. We also need to do some minor repairs first. She needs a new master cylinder or brake booster ( still not sure which yet) and also a new valve cover gasket. I finally figured out that is what the smell is! She needs a new ignition, but if we don't get to that, we can still drive her, just need to play with the key to get her to start! LOL I know it would be a lot cheaper to just drive her. Cost us over 400 bucks in fuel last year driving the Super Duty! Ouch!!

So who is going this year??

sending mine in this week.  hope to have new doors and fenders in place. 

I got my invitation the other day too. I'm sending my entry fee next month.  ;D

Fred Morgan:
Free parts deliver to Knotts if any one need.   Fred  ;)

Awesome. Some great people so far!! :D Can't wait to see you all. I'm sending mine in, in the next week or so!! :D  Nice thing about this is that now we "HAVE" to fix Nellie Belle! We are even talking about driving her the whole way! It would be much cheaper on gas, but it would also mean putting a lot of miles on a low mileage car. Decisions decisions!


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