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Norman Bagi:
OK so I have been given the oportunity to be the organizer for the Carlisle Ford Nationals this year.  They have a coolest club hangout award and this year I think we should take it.  Here is the idea!
Bring everything you can that screams the 70's, disco balls to hang, bell bottom pants to wear, crazy afro wigs, platform shoes, toys, bicycles, boomboces playing 70's hits, etc.  We do the tent up in a 70's time capsule surrounded by Pinto's.
Let me know if you like this idea and if you want to participate or bring items to display.

That sounds like soooooooooo much fun!

Here's an idea... is there a way to have a TV that plays Charlie's Angels , Three's Company, etc. (iconic '70s shows) in the Hangout Area?  The '70s decor and clothing is a great idea. If I can do it next year (and I think I CAN!!!), I'll bring a '70s outfit to wear if we do Coolest Hangout again.  ;D

Oh... and I draw a mean horse...  ;)

Norman Bagi:
I am bringing a Big Wheel, toss across, evil knives toys, rock Em sock Em robots. Possibly a disco ball and maybe some glue on 70's mustaches. Anyone else got anything to bring or clothes they can wear?

I got some 8 tracks I can bring but don't have a player. That is in the dash of the car lol. I can also scrounge up an old turntable but it will prolly be non-functional. just for decoration type thing since it will be a cheapy one from a thrift store

Norman Bagi:
Matt, that will work. Break out the tie die and bell bottoms if you got em. 70's is the them, i will have some games and stuff too. 


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