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Title: " BRISTOL HAS BEEN CANCELLED! Stampede to start in Martinsville!"
Post by: Norman Bagi on April 01, 2012, 05:45:44 PM
Bristol motor speedway has decided to cancel all operation through July in a rash and unexpected move to resurface the track midseason. Instead of waiting until the season was over they will do it now cancelling all events including the visit by the Stampede. Bristol has moved on and so will we. We will now start our event at Martinsville speedway. So if you are coming or wish to join, contact Norman Bagi at hotel changes will be made available to Stampede members. Route updates will be posted on the stampede site by tomorrow night. Www.pintostamp
We regret having to have made this change but we did not have a say in it.
Thank you,
Norman "trail boss" Bagi