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Pictures from Fabulous Fords 2011

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Here are my pics (hotlinked from my pinto facebook page)

Nice pictures!  Wish I could have been there!!!
Dwayne :smile:

Here are mine!

Breakfast break on the way up.

This white Pinto kept following us!

Finally made it to the motel.

Find the Pinto. (answer at the end of the post.)

At the Show.

My hubby has one like this, well someday it will look like this! LOL

More Pintos

These vans had hidden pictures in the paint schemes. Pretty cool!

My Grandkids next to one of the small trucks! LOL

More Pintos

There are more pics located on my PB page.

OOPS, Forgot to add the answer to the find the Pinto pic!

Norman Bagi:
Very nice pics.  Some great looking Pinto's, I personally love the one with the flared out sides, very well done.  I hope everyone had fun and made it home safe.


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