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Bag Stuffing

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Has anyone heard anything about the bag stuffing? I would like to volunteer my services again if I can find a place to crash.  :accident:  no, not THAT kindof crash. lol   :sleep: THIS kind.  ;D

I think its the day before usually? I'll be in town earlier this year too, if services are needed.

Unfortunately I will not be able to make the bag stuffing, I have to host a party for my wife's B-day.  I will however encourage all who are in the area to descend upon Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach. I will post the particulars in the show section. 

I'm bummed... I can't make it to the bag-stuffing either... OR the Donut Derelicts show. Damn Chase and damn me for not being at least a thousandaire. :(  No mon, no fun. I can't afford to drive up twice, but I'll be at Carrows and the show Sunday. Don't know about the pizza place.



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