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Who Has Access...


Scott Hamilton:
I was asked to post this via a member PM...

Member Groups that have Access to this Board:
PCCA Founders Board
PCCA Charter Members
PCCA Meet Counsel
Pinto Parts Vendor
Pinto Rad Racer- Post count attainable position
Pinto Master- Post count attainable position

Those that do not have access to this board:
Regular Members- any member not assigned to any 'Special Member Group'
Pinto Geek- Post count attainable position
Pinto Members- Post count attainable postion
Pinto Full Member- Post count at tamable postion
Pinto Sr. Member- Post count attainable position

Anyone can be granted access to this board by assigning them to the PCCA Meet Counsel group or to the Pinto VIP group.


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