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Alright it is now One year out from the 40th..I need to know who will be coming to Carlisle next year.Also if you are planning on being there start making your hotel\motel reservation's now.If you wait until April or May you may be way out in the country.For those who will be in the Pinto Stampede please get with Rearended.For hotel\motel information go to,they have information on hotels and motels.I have been told that Carlisle will be giving a Pinto away next year at the show.Phil and myself will keep every one posted on the 40th.So keep checking and I hope to see every one there next year.Pintoman[Harley].

I will be coming next year via the Stampede.I plan to tow my pop up camper and camp on the grounds.

Carolina Boy:
I will still be coming, would miss this for anything!!!! I will be on the Southern Flank!!

Norman Bagi:
Let's hear from more of you!  (West Coast) Don't miss out, go to the site and e-mail me, let me know what you need to make the trip and maybe I can help. :read: Take a vacation, see the country through the windsheild of a Pinto. Ride with other Pintos, you may never get to do this again. I know the trip will be a long one, heck I am sending my cars out west to make the drive in with you.

I really want to but as it's looking like I might not be able to! :( I will know for sure in January, but that's another six months off, to late in the game to reserve a hotel. :'(

I'm going to plan on going, but the way finances are going, it's going to be impossible, or extremely tough to make ends meet and make the trip.


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