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Well, according to my leave balances, I'll have plenty of vacation!!!  YAY!!! Now I need to have money... I definitely want Ruby RedHot going. She runs so well! Plus, May '71 is her birth month... and a 40th anniversary is the Ruby Anniversary, right? So it's very fitting. Plus, she's one of our flag's colors, and we'll be supporting the Wounded Warrior's a natural. ;D

phils toys:
umm i guess i will be there   i may even go for a hotel  , but it is hard to give up such fine lake front property
dave , Everyone  they do have on site camping  for $40  for the whole weekend  check in as early as wed/ thursday and stay untill monday  they have showers on sits as well
 i have done the camping the last 2 times  i did get wet this year  but it is a lot cheaper.

That's good to hear, thank you Phil! That actually helps a lot, it's just a matter of hotel stays for the trip back. The hardest part of this trip is I want my family to go with me to share the experience, and to help understand why I love this car club so much, it's the people and their passion for the Pinto like my own. More the people though! :)

The only problem with camping is that my daughter will be 18 months old then. We'd b e bringing the older daughter as well, she'll be eight next year. I think she'd enjoy it a lot though!

It is certainly my intention to be there, with or without my Pinto, but my wife's continually declining health could possibly alter those plans.  Will probably have to make at least two round-trips (I'm about four hours away) as there is also going to be a conflict with my son's high school graduation.  Rather than making reservations this early in the game, I'll take my chances and drive however far I need to go in order to get a room.  I've attended a number of Carlisle events and have never had to go farther than 10-15 miles to find a motel vacancy. 

Dwayne :smile:

I'll have both cars there! Working on my friend Lisa to bring her Bobcat. See you ALL there!



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