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I was, indeed, a blast!!!  What a turnout!  What this weekend did to gain new recognition for our little Ponies!  I got to meet a lot of new people, renew some old acquaintances and still, unfortunately, missed seeing some people... but it was still a great time!  For anyone who still has miles to go before you're home, may you travel safely.  Godspeed.
Dwayne :smile:

Dad & I got home about 20 minutes ago & had a great time. It was great to see you guys again, as well as meet some you I never met before. For those of youi that were concerned the car made it home alright. Dick, AKA postal pony can testify to that since he & I were pretty much nose to tail on the way home.
Thgank you all for making this a trip to remember!

It was great meeting you and Harold II also.  Also glad to know Dick made it home safely as well!
Dwayne :smile:


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