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I plan on being there with the car (I hope) along with the wife and dog. We plan on camping so that should be fun. However, it's a ways off and a LOT could change. Either way I plan on making the trip with or without the car  ;D

I would LOVE to be there with my wagon and am working vigorously to see if it can happen. The current state of it is FAR from the mark of being ready, it's gonna take alot of sweat and $$ to get it done in a year.

It would be wonderful to represent Texas at the show, and meet lots of other fans.


 I will be threre in 2011! Hopefully the car will be painted LOL.  I can't wait to see all the other Pinto's.

Please let me know how many people you are bringing and how many Pinto's .This way we can let the Carlisle people what to aspect.

I found out today that all I had to do was let the boss know when I needed off and it would be approved. The wife said something about me finding those dang A/C brackets.Now where did I put them?


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