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Welcome- to the Planning Board

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Scott Hamilton:
Welcome- if you are reading this than you are in a group that has been given access to this special planning board for the 40th anniversary of the Pinto at Carisle.

As most of you already know, Phil is the Coordinator and Harley is the Co-Coordinator of this unprecedented event.

Phil and Harley will be deligating tasks to individuals as we grow and cement everything together thought the coming months. You will see members with "PCCA Meet Counsel" placards associated with their accounts here giving them access into many areas of our site so we can work together to get the job done. The Admins and Charter Members will work together to support Phil & Harley's effort in anyway we can.

MUCH has happend already- MUCH is planned- Details are VERY slim considering the time frame but it's completely safe to say---

"You want to be a part of this event!"

Sound off- Let Phil & Harley your thoughts and if you plan to participate.

I have actually been working hard over the last few weeks at getting funds to make my car Streetable and "presentable" for this meet. "if" i Can manage the time off to drive there. If not i will Fly in and participate anyways. if there is anything i can do i will help anyway i can. let me know

Events in my life nowdays are such that I seldom know three days in advance what I will or will not be able to do, let alone three years!  With that said, however, it is my intention to be in attendance for this event.  Whether my Pinto gets there or not will depend entirely upon whether or not it's ready by then.  Mechanically it's okay but it still needs lots of cosmetic work before showing it publicly - have bought pretty much everything needed to do the job (except paint) but simply haven't been able yet to find the time necessary to put it all together.  Hopefully things will improve over the next year or two so I can get her ready. 
Dwayne :smile:

I am interested in at least attending, can't guarantee having my car there though.I have not received a reply from my car hauling friend.


I'm already in discussion with the wife-to-be and my car will be ready. We may just make a go of it. I think this will be part of history and will get some kind of coverage which will make it even better.  I will know as time grows closer.



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