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Welcome- to the Planning Board

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Good day guys,
                I'd like to get a few well place people involved in planning the 40th b'day bash. What we need to do is have "department" heads,overseeing the various plans that need to be taken care of. I know we are 3+ years out,but we need to be on top of this party to make it a great success. What I propose is this....

East and West coast car transport
Saturday night dinner party
Media display/promotion
Membership/vehicle sign up
Carlisle point person/persons  -- myself and/or Harley

Right now that's all I can think of. This list is open to changes as needed. We all need to work together and give our club our best efforts,to show Ford and our fellow Blue Oval cousin's we can run with the big dog's. Looking foward to hearing from all of you soon.

hello all
                i am there for the 40th ann. of our beloved pintos and i want to help in anyway i can
                          get back to me

Norman Bagi:
June 2011, sounds awesome, count me in.  I do like the transport idea, just the thought of a convoy of car carriers crossing the country filled with pintos, that would be a site many would not soon forget. 

Have we secured a building?

Rear Ended......... ...

           As of now there are no inside spots arranged,however we will be talking with Carlisle Productions on this point. Here is where you,and the club will be called upon. This event will need a large sum of cars to turn out. From your daily drivers to the muesum pieces and ALL in between. If there are inside spaces offered to us,I believe and I hope you'll agree with me that the club must deside which Pintos will be given this honor. The balance of the club cars will be given(I believe) a special spot on the show field to group the cars. So as of now this is still an unknown factor. Thanks for your input,and if you'd like to volunteer for a department head I'd be very honored with your help.

if we are doing the convoy method let me know what the cost would be. i will gladly do that. I want my car to make it even if i have to get a rental to drive there or *gulp* take a plane. as far as what cars get the indoor honor why not hold a vote for that ? let the members vote for their favorite pinto's in confidentialit y, then tally it all up and choose from the ones with the most votes? that would be the fair way to do it. I am really looking forward to bringing the bobcat with me to this event.


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