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Carolina Boy, as a cavalryman I thought you knew your bugle calls! lol. :lol: Guess you aren't the bugler in your unit!  :P

If I aim to go (and I would dearly love to!) I'd better win the lottery, rob a bank, refinance the house, etc... :tgif:

Becky you do pring up a valid point. Those of you on the west coast might have ahard time getting here. It might not be a bad idea to set up some type of fund to help those of you out there. I don't know how plausible that would be but I'm sure if such a fund existed the members here would gladly contribute.

I'm hoping to make the show with my 1980 V8 wagon. As with everyone else it's a long time away but it will be here soon. I'm shooting for being there with or without the car.

Carolina Boy:
I have to be there to keep Blupinto in line!

Should the setup people be there a day ahead of the show for last minute planning? I will if I need to be.

Well, it sounds like SOMEONE is sure I can make it out there! lol. I hope like heck he's right! I would be willing to help out with setting up stuff and breakdown after the show if need be. I just have to see if I can actually make it there...  ;)


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