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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would just like to let everyone know that I no longer feel alone in the world with my LOVE FOR THE PINTO(S)!!!! Nancy and I had the best time that we have ever had at a car event.It was so awesome to see all of those Pintos in one area and everyone that owns them.To all of you who put their energy and efforts into the success of the events,THANK YOU!!! Great job,I hope that we all do it again soon....I would have loved to have rode with you guys in the Stampede,however my car's first test drive was actually later in the day when you all drove through Ohio.Some of my friends got to see you driving across I-70 and of course had to let me know...I got to meet a lot of people face to face that I have been on-line friends with for a long time.Great to meet everyone. Thanks again for putting all of this together and letting us be a part of a once in a lifetime experience!!! Tommy Sanders (TommyS)

We had a GREAT time at Carlisle - See you there next year!




Hello to all fellow Pinto owners - I'm probably the newest kid on the block - I just joined the PCCA (today) - my 'darling Pinto' is a '78 3-door runabout w/ sun roof. I've owned it  only three years but it's a car collector's dream - I'm the second owner - original owner was Ford dealership service manager who bought it new, saved all the paperwork, only drove it back & forth to work (5 miles each way), and 20 years ago when he retired, the Pinto was 'retired' too to a friend's plush garage where it was started up and driven briefly occasionally. Except for a new paint job and new carpeting, everything else is original and in great shape (61,000 oroginal miles). My husband and I went to Ford Nat'l, Carlisle for the Stampede - did not drive the Pinto (maybe next year) but enjoyed photographing all the Pintos and talking to a few enthusiasts. A pleasure to make your acquaintance!  I will enjoy hearing/reading about Pintos and their owners. The Stampede was fantastic - all of you put unbelievable time and effort into it - and it showed.  How many fellow members are there in the club? More later, Pintogenie

Norman Bagi:

--- Quote from: 78squire on June 18, 2011, 06:37:55 PM ---We had a GREAT time at Carlisle - See you there next year!



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Hi pintogenie!
In answer to your question, we officially have 6757 members on this site!  Obviously, many of those are inactive but we still have a pretty great bunch of people which you apparently discovered in Carlisle.  I don't know whether I met you there or not (way too many folks to remember everybody) but please know that you are welcome here.  Maybe next time you can bring your Pinto with you to the Ford Nationals at Carlisle!
Dwayne :smile:


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