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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I really don't know where to start, so I'll go chronologicall y (as I met everyone) as best as I can...

            I want to thank Norm and Louise Bagi for making the Stampede- and my trip- possible. Norm's dream to drive across this great land in Pintos is a dream that in me had lain dormant for so long I had all but forgotten it.  As a child and pre-teen I loved to travel, and I wished that one day I would do it in my very favorite car- a Pinto. Life, as it so often does, gets in the way- and responsibiliti es take precidence over dreams and wishes. I wanted to be a part of the 40th Anniversary in Carlisle, but the Pinto Stampede made it impossible NOT to go.  Louise was instrumental in helping me with lodging and was a blast to hang out with. I also want to thank Norm's Mom Beverly for putting up with me and keeping me in stitches. I can't remember laughing so hard as at her Boulder Driver Tales. Plus, if it weren't for her buying a Pinto when Norm was a wee child there wouldnt've been a Stampede... at least not one as fun as this one!

         I want to thank Joe Escobar for filming this historic event and showing the rest of the world all the fun we were having. Watching the video now is already bringing me to tears because I already miss caravanning with my Pinto Peeps and talking on the hand-helds.  Also Joe stepped in to help me a few times, as did several others.

           I also want to thank Scott and Teeda for their assistance with Ruby as well as their friendship. I hope they live happily ever after and I'll get to see them again.  Same goes with the Father-Son team (forgive me guys my brain is fried!) lol.  Dad had the primered white trailered one and son had that gorgeous olive drab glossy sedan. I still owe him a calculator.  I want to give a shout out to Richard Metcalfe (RYSCAR) for going with me to Gettysburg and treating me to the museum/cyclorama and a picnic lunch as well as a lift the day before to dinner with Jim and his lovely wife Doreen. Speaking of which, I thank that neat pair of people for housing me (and putting up with me too) for a night and helping insure that I get back home.  I thank Tommy and Sherry from my favorite state of South Carolina for their friendship and kudos (and showing me where the mango margaritas were. Thanks Sherry!)

          To Chuck, the Phils (Reinders and Toys), the Brians (Campbell and ... GAAAA! I can't remember his last name!!!), Bill and Connie Rainey, Mark Mowry, 78Squirewagon (I really am that stupid... I cannot retain all names) and his sweet wife, Louise Hart and her husband (they drove that lovely black beauty LTD), two guys (one drove a real woody Squire and the other drove a blue (?) latter-day sedan or Runabout and his wife drove a red latter-day sedan/Runabout... ((well the three of them were nothing short of amazing in their support of me but again my brain fails me but I'll never forget them!))), Scott and his lovely wife... I know I'm not remembering everybody so please forgive me... but I want to give my deep appreciation for welcoming me- a sometime loudmouth and troublemaker on the site due to my speaking my mind- with open arms and/or hearts. I had never met these folks face-to-face before, but I felt like I was being welcomed into the family. I can never thank you all enough.

                 I'd like to thank John Clor of Ford Racing for wanting to meet a nobody like me just because I drove a 40-year-old car and her original 1.6 liter engine from Southern California to Denver, then Carlisle Pennsylvania.  I hope he still wants to help Ruby... I haven't heard from him.  Also I want to extend my appreciation to Fox 43 News for putting my Baby Girl Ruby on TV! I about bawled with pride!

                I want to say Thank You to all of those who were involved with Ruby and her awards. I never ever EVER thought we'd get anything. I just wanted to be part of the whole thing, so this was an extra special finish. I do apologize for dropping the F bomb during the speech... I was so excited, surprised, and awe-stricken that it just slid out. Thank you all for cheering me on.

              A big huge thank you goes to Dwayne and his wonderful wife Gloria for keeping me fed in Carlisle and Virginia. They showed this city girl what Southern Hospitality is. Also I want to thank their son Cody for being a willing gofer during a time when he should be celebrating a little freedom after graduating High School.

             Matty, thank you for coming and bringing Harold II for me to see. I am finally glad to meet you and hope to see you really soon.

                I will apologize for not remembering everybody... I want to thank those folks not named above for helping make the Stampede what it was- a really fun road trip. Thank you all also for teaching me how to pop the clutch, push Ruby so I could... helping with repairs, etc. Pintony, I wished I could've talked to you more. I wanna pick your brain... and someday maybe adopt one of your lovely '72 wagons. Thank you too for helping with Ruby.

               I'm also gonna apologize for sometimes losing patience with the way things were going- or not going. I was worried about Ruby some of the times and other times it was hurry up and wait- then hurry up right when I step out of Ruby. lol Norm took the brunt of it and I appreciate him not taking me down a peg. Also thank him for a) nominating me for Celebrity Choice Award, and b) slipping a little something for gas on the way home.  It was very hard to say goodbye to this great family  after all we went through.

             Last, but most definitely not least, I thank Fred and Joy Morgan for their hospitality and Fred getting Ruby ready for that LOOOOOOOOOOOOO NG trip... then rescuing me when that damn throttle clip escaped and stranded me in Parker. That was pretty scary... I almost threw in the towel at that point. This man can fix ANYTHING!!!

                I have come to love you all... I really want to do this again- awards or no awards! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Norman Bagi:

You did a great job, don't forget that. As for the something slipped, you know that wasn't just me right?  We will keep that other person annonymous.  Glad you had fun and made it home safely.  I think John Clor was waiting for you to call, I will give him a ring and break the ice tomorrow.
See you on the next one.

At the risk of sounding like an echo, I'd like to say thank you to a few people also:  First of all, to Scott Hamilton for the time and expertise he puts into keeping this site running.  Without it, I doubt I would even have a Pinto again and I most certainly would not have met the number of fine people and made the number of friends that I have here.  Also to his wife Stephanie for her efforts to get photos of the participants at Carlisle with their cars.  She was diligent in that pursuit and the results are fabulous.  I first met Scott and Stephanie three years ago in Tulsa.  They were a class act then, and remain so today!  To Norm Bagi for organizing the Pinto Stampede and being gracious enough to allow me to drive along with them for a while in spite of being in my Chrysler Sebring convertible!  I had a blast!  Only two things would have made it better...   1.) doing it in my Pinto and 2.) traveling the full route with you.  To Joe Escobar for his wonderful videos that made me feel like a part of the Stampede even before I met up with them, and for bringing the only (5W) Burnt Orange 1974 Runabout there!  Just like my original Pinto!  What memories that brought back!  To Harley Stewart and Phil Reynders for the amazing job they did organizing the 40th Anniversary meet.  All I can say is wow!  It was the most fun I've had in a long time!  No detail was overlooked!  To Louise Bagi who had the foresight to book an extra room at the Sleep Inn and thereby was able to resolve my need for lodging with a single phone call.  That saved me a lot of hassle at the end of a long day and it was very much appreciated.  To Beverly Murphy, for keeping me entertained with her fantastic sense of humor and, in a more serious conversation, for her insights on dealing with my mother's Alzheimers.  To Becky McCaa for taking the risk of driving cross-country and back in an unrestored 40-year-old Pinto to be a part of the festivities and for the thoughtful gift she brought me.  Also for taking the time out of her trip to spend a few days with us.  We look forward to your next visit, Becky.  I could go on and on, but these are the major players involved in making my adventure to the 40th Anniversary meet such a carefree and fun experience!  Thank you all!
Dwayne :smile:

I knew I forgot  somebody!!! Harley!!! How could I forget him!?!  Harley, thank you for bringing me into the fold with everybody else. You are a sweetie and I hope I'll see you soon like the rest!

Norm, I don't think I have John's phone #... do I? Break away that ice! lol  ;D

Thanks Becky.I can't wait until we meet again.I would also like to thank Mark for his help with the model car contest.I loved his garage display that he had there.With out his help I do not think we would have had a contest.John took first in the adult class and Becky took runner up.The kids class was won by Philstoy's older boy.I did not get his name.So congrats to all that took part in the contest.


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