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Scott Hamilton:
Just send out a Fund raising and participation newsletter to all CMs and above...
If you are receiving this message then you are listed on as a club Pres, webmaster of another Pinto site, admin, Global Pinto Community VIP, etc...
Welcome- is endeavoring to partner with everyone involved with the Pinto community in any way shape or form to assist in bringing forth the best possible experience for the 40th Anniversary of the Pinto. We will celebrate with the nationally know Carlsile Ford Nationals in Carlisle PA, June 3rd-5th 2011 as they embrace our little pony as a featured ride. With MANY folks across the country working toward the same goal we have banned together to raise the needed funds and distribute them as necessary to projects that will enhance this experience for us all. One of these projects, pintostampede. com, is organizing a cross-country convoy for Pinto owners to ride together, supporting each other with the common goal of enjoying the ride and arriving for the celebration in PA. This type of project is essential to all our success as we move toward this fantastic event mid next year.
Please join us in 1) supporting this event and 2) participating in the decision making process on-line in the restricted Board 'RESTRICTED BOARD...Planni ng Carlisle 40th Anniversary' everyone on this list as access to.
I have just put up on our site a Donation system that will track publicly a goal of $2500 for this event by Dec31, 2010. Everyone including guests to our site will have access and be able to contribute & see where the funds are coming from and who donated what. There is an option for anonymous donations if anyone feels they would rather not make this information public. Once the goal is met or in December of this year- we need as many as they feel necessary to participate in the final planning and distribution of these funds.
As I see it currently, Phil, Harley, Bill & Norm are key players in the Planning and the execution of this event for all of us. I'm very sure we will have others that stand up and bring much to the table & I think it would be great to have the funds to assist them as well.
Join with me and to assist the shakers in their vision of this wonderful event next year for the Pinto Community.
Scott Hamilton,
Message Regards, The Pinto Car Club of America
Message Regards, The Pinto Car Club of America Team.
Let's get this going...

Norman Bagi:
I see we are a little over 20% to the goal. Looks good.

Scott Hamilton:
It's time to close the donations-

How about it guys, we received $716.75, That's Great!

Now it's time for everyone to start the process and decide where the funds need to go.

I will be making sure in the next few hours that all members that donated can access this thread/planning area.

Just as an added bonus-We have been saving club funds (not spending as much for last years Meets) and put many extra revenue generating ads on the site.. I know you have seen that..  We have a total of $950.00 Extra to put in the pot.

That gives us a total of $1666.75 to do with as everyone agrees on... That's Fantastic!!

So, Phil, Harley, Norm will be the main individuals that will steer us in the directions that will benefit the planning thus far and we can participate in the process together.

Scott Hamilton:
- OK.. All members that donated, all Charter Members and above and anyone that has been here a very long time and has attanted the Pinto Jr. Master and above post count title...

Welcome to eveyone!! This is an exiting time....  Need your input..

Give us a rough outline on what you have in mind... I've never been to Carlisle so I don't know what to contribute, idea-wise or otherwise. ;D


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