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I agree... maybe if Phil, Harvey, and Norm could get the ball rolling, the rest of us might get a better idea what it possible.  A banquet get-together would be nice, and I know there was some discussion earlier of special commemorative T-Shirts.  Surely others have ideas...
Dwayne :smile:

phils toys:
i know there was talk of a  catered dinner on one day.
possibility of decorations  for  the coolest hang out  as well.

Norman Bagi:
I plan on barbequing all weekend at the Stampede tent.  We have a hospitality suite at the Sleep Inn (pretty much a room gutted for us to hang out in after hours)  All will be welcome to come by, contribute something and talk to the wee hours.

Hey guys,
         Harley and I might have something in the works for the banquet/dinner. Will keep you posted as soon as I talk to Harley. 

Scott Hamilton:

Pinto1600 wrote Re: "Sponsor a Pinto!" Make a difference! on February 21, 2011, 02:00:42 PM
It is with great pleasure and honor,that thanks to all those that contributed to the 40th anniversary fund of the Pinto, that the PCCA is able to donate the sum of $200.00 to The Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks Norm and Louise for all the hard work and your dedication to the project.
                                                         Scott,Harley,and Phil
Current total funds $1466.75


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