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Phil Reynders Officially taking the Reigns

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Scott Hamilton:

I want to announce that Phil Reynders aka 'Pinto1600' has graciously agreed to take the reigns on the Carlisle 40th Anniversary which very well could have our Pinto as the star. There has been some chatter from us and emails but it looks like Carlisle is responding (withing the last few days) and having Phil who knows the players & the field will help everyone with this goal.

Here is a shot of Phil and Bill Miller, Co-Founder of Carlisle Events, at the 08 All Ford Nationals...
Phil is on the right....

I have already pledged my full support but he will need everyone's, including yours. This is one of, if not THE biggest Ford ONLY events all year in the USA and to have the Pinto as the star.. well you can imagine... The PCCA and will be looking beyond it's borders to encompass everyone and embrace the Pinto Community at it's roots to draw everyone together for this worldwide 'coming out' for our cars. Off the top of my head I can think of Bill & Harley as key players to help but it's going to take more than a few for this kind of event, it's going to take everyone.

I'm elevating Phil Reynders account to moderator & as Coordinator of the 'Carlisle 40th'....

Thank you Scott,
                 I've taken a large leap of faith at this point,and I will do my best to see that the 40th birthday of the Pinto wiil be one to remember. It will be held at the All Ford Carlisle event the first weekend of June 2011. I'm looking foward to seeing ALL of you there,with or without your cars but having your car ready to show is one of the most important things that will make this one party a big one! Please start planning now so that you can be there,our cars will be a focal point of the 2011 show. I will be working with Scott and Harley and Bill on this one, but any other help/suggestion will very welcome. I've already contacted the events manager and will also be working with him to make this come together.  So at this point in time I'm hoping to hear from all of in the near future,so we can show the Ford folks out there that although we may be a smaller group of collectors, we are one of the BIGGEST group of friends and Ford Pinto fanatics! God bless you all,and LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

                                                 See you all real soon,
                                                     Phil Reynders
                                                     phone #'s
                                                     Home (716) 694-3382
                                                     Cell  (716) 622-0654
                                                     Work (716) 434-4255

Congratulation s and many thanks for taking this huge project on.  You are in for lots of work but you will also have lots of cooperation and it will be all worth while when we see our Pinto's out number all of the other Ford models.  I can't wait!!!

Way to go Phil  CONGRATS

Hi Pinto lovers,

Being the only Pinto owner in Northern Ontario I am anxiously awaiting the 40th Anniversary in Carlisle to actually see other Pintos and meet their owners.
I am hoping that there will be a "parade of Pintos" as part of the 2011 festivities. Anyone have any drag with the organizers?

See you there,  :fastcar:
Richard Metcalfe,
Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada


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