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phils toys:
I know for many of you it may be along haul  , so why not make it a vacation  off the top of my head
Hershey PA  30 min away
    Amusement park
     Chocolate Factory
    Antique Car Museum
    Nice  Camp Ground
Gettysburg PA  20 Min away
    many scenic Battelfields Sometimes with reenactments of Civil War / War between the States
Indian Echo Cave  between Carlisle and Hershey
Harrisburgh PA  20 Min
  The PA state Capital

In addition to the battlefields, Gettysburg offers some wonderful museums as well - I have been to the Civil War Museum and the Hall of Presidents.  Quite interesting!
Dwayne :smile:


--- Quote from: dga57 on October 13, 2008, 07:28:22 AM ---...Gettysburg offers some wonderful museums as well...
--- End quote ---

I can never remember the address.


phils toys:

--- Quote from: 77turbopinto on October 13, 2008, 08:24:35 AM ---I can never remember the address.


--- End quote ---
Get a hold of Honest Abe  he has it.

I think that sounds like a blast. I never get a hotel room less than 30 minutes from Carlisle anyways so I'm all for it.


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