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Midwest Pintos Memorial Day Parade

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I am sending the application for the 2011 Monona WI Memorial Day Parade.I am doing, then joiing the Stampede the next day in INDY. I want to invite any Pinto's that want to join the parade.Let me know , i need to give them a car count.

Just putting up this topic again. I am up to five Pintos for the parade!!It would be nice to have more.If you cant make tthe Stampede consider making the parade. It is the largest and longest running Memorial Day Parade in Wisconson!

I just called the person in charge of the Parade and we are for sure in! Her quote was " we are thirlled to have you" As I said this is Wisconsin's largest and longest running Memorial Day Parade. We will be near the front of the parade with the Veterans groups .I am working on getting some local Vets that were helped by the Wouned Warrior Project to ride and or walk along with us.As of now we are up to SIX cars!

Out of 110 entrys the Pinto Stampede/ Wounded Warrior Project will be # 15 !!

Cookieboy got here yesterday, Ryscar today! We went out for a mini cruise of our own tonight.Imanag e what people thought seeing Three Pinto traveling down the highway! Tomorrow morning three more join up for the Monona Memorial Day Parade for a total of Six! Then on to Indy Tuesday morning!!


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