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Building "T":

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Has any one got conformation about being in Building T yet?

looks like the gentleman with the red blown pinto is in,hoping to hear from Carlisle soon about the '72.

Yes, that is correct. 

I have been invited to display my blown 1972 Pinto in building T.  I have not been informed as to whom else, Pinto or other Fords, will also be in Building T.  Sure do hope there are more Pintos in there along with mine.


I'd give just about anything to go to this event, but it isn't in the works for me.
 Reading this:
makes it even harder to not be going. Lots to see & do ! Hope tons of pictures are taken & shown here (or mailed to me  ;D )

Walsh and I were both invited to park our historic road racers in building T.


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