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Bill Miller Co-Founder Carlisle Speaks about PCCA

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Scott Hamilton:
Guys- Steph & I stayed for the parade of winners for each class and let me tell you what happened!!!

3 Pintos were in the parade, Phil's, Brian's & Connie's... The program was going along with car after car, class after class, photo after photo (remember this was the ALL FORDS NATIONALS= Lots of cars).. then Phil's Green 72 Runabout started across- they made the announcement that he won first in non modified Pinto class (YAAA-- 9600 mile Original Pinto SWEET!!) and then they announced that his car was a Celebrity Pick from non other than the co-founder "Bill Miller"...  The program completely stopped.. all cars waiting to go across and receive their awards stopped... Brian & Connie Stopped.. Bill Miller walked out and grabbed the mike and proceeded to tell everyone about what a great group of Guys we were (the PCCA) and really explained to everyone how original Phil's car was.  He really said some fantastic things about the '' folks and the PCCA...  Everyone was clapping and whoo hooing all around. he then gave the mike back to the founder of the show and the awards parade continued with NO further interruptions. ..

Can you believe that Phil's Car & the PCCA (us) were singled out by the co-founder of Carlilse in the middle of the All Fords awards parade?

Un Blankin believable!

I was completely blown away!!!!

Kudos exist for Harley, Bill, Connie, and everyone that helped form 06-08 Meets... An impression was made and it's a real good one!

Ohh- as an added note- Phil's car was picked to be featured in a 'Classic Fords' Magazine-- Phil, fill in the gaps for us here...  Great weekend huh!

Phil- Let us know what was going though you head when Bill was speaking!

That is awesome! If we didn't have a long drive back to Columbus, Oh Dad & I probably would have stayed to see that.

kudos to the founders of this great site, and thanks for all the hard work. from the sound of it it just payed off in spades  ;)

WoW!!!! That is so cool.... :)


That is awesome, and like everyone said, thanks to Scott, and every one else whom have made this site and club so amazing!!  Also, hats off to Harley, Bill, an Connie, like Scott said, for all the hard work entailed to make it all happen.  Hey Phil, keep us updated on the magazine article, I know that I will be purchasing one to keep with all my other Pinto memorabilia!!


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