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Bill Miller Co-Founder Carlisle Speaks about PCCA

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I never saw that coming, even with Mr. Miller stopping in at our tent on Saturday and spending some time there, it was still a jaw-dropper at the parade.

Another thing I noticed was that with car after car with almost no reaction from the crowd for most cars, the Pintos got so much attention and cheers (UFO cheerleaders?).

We were back up on the hill like we were last year, but in an area with not many groups, or small ones, it appears that we did have more than the average number of visitors. (at least we had a slight breeze up there time to time too)

I would like to take this time to thank everyone that came to the event, with or without a Pinto; YOU make the event rewarding.

Scott: Who knew it would have made it this far, and have so much on the horizon?? Thank you for getting this ball rolling.


Scott, it was great meeting you and your lovely wife. I can't tell you what was going through my head at that moment,it was all a bit of a dream come true. Again,I'd like to thank you and the people that drive this club,and work so hard to make it what it is! I'm looking forward to next year and I'm really excited about the 2011 Carlisle show with the 40th birthday celebration of the Pinto. I'll do what I can to help out with this project! As soon as I find anything about the Legendary Ford article,I will be posting it! GOOOOOOOOOO PINTO!!!!!!!!!!

I was two cars behind Phil in the parade and after steadily moving along, I came to a complete halt and wondered what was going on up ahead.  I couldn't see past Brian's car in front of me and couldn't really hear the speakers at the grandstand.   As much fun as it was to be in the parade, I wish I had been in the stands to hear what Mr. Miller had to say.  Phil, you should be very proud.  Your's is a fine example of an original, well cared-for vintage automobile.  The fact that it is a Pinto is a huge bonus for all of us.  We've been into Pintos for about ten years now and there has been a significant upsurge in interest and acceptance.   Thanks to Scott for giving us an outlet to communicate. Thanks to all who have organized meets (not just Carlisle) which gives us an opportunity to show off and promote our  cars. It's just a matter of time before there is a "Pintos Unlimited" catalog in our bathroom.

phils toys:
I apologize for not sticking around for the awards and parade. but I had other thingswaiting at home  and an over heated  child.
phils toys

Found this on rodandpiston website....som eones Pinto was the #1 rated picture.....


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