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Scott Hamilton:

--- Quote from: Pinto1600 on October 15, 2008, 12:57:27 PM ---BIG BIG BUMP HERE!!!!!!! I just found out that the '72 will be in the 2009 Lengendary Ford Magazine calander(March). YAHOOOOO!!!!!!

--- End quote ---

Now that rocks!

I'm getting mine!

 ;D ;D BUMP :lol: :lol: The calander just arrived in the mail,Mrach will stand still for at least 3-4 months this year!LOL

Geez,i wish i lived down the States so i could share the fun you guys are having in this pinto club.Where i live in Eastern Canada theres like   NO  such thing as a pinto even on the road let alone someone forming a club.Theres dime a dozen mustangs,chevelles,camaros,challengers,cudas,etc etc,but nothing different such as a pinto,datsun,vega or anything like that.Is there a show in carlisle this year with pintos there or are they gonna wait till 2011?I promised myself i would be there for the first time.Someone send me a message if there is gonna be a show and swap meet this spring or whenever,ok,thanks guys,and i enjoy reading this pinto stuff more than youll ever know.PS,i have a 77 pinto runabout project on the go and im dropping a 289 C4 into it.3 years in the making now....Thanks. ...Mark

  Yes there is a show at  Carlisle this year.It will be on the fisrt full weekend in June,that is the 5th,6th and 7th of June.There will be plenty of Pinto's there.So come on down and have some fun and meet your Pinto friends.

Hey Mark,

I can vouch for that... I was there last June and I can't remember the last time I saw that many Pintos in one place :amazed:! 

Don't mean to hijack the thread. but I also wanted to thank you for the scam alert (you posted it in a thread where it cannot be replied to).  I had the same thing happen to me on a hood last year.  If I had not paid using PayPal, I would have been out over $160!

Dwayne :smile:


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