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Some pictures of my Knotty Fun!

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OK first off, I want to say what a great time I had Saturday and Sunday. For those of you who can but don't join in the Bag Stuffing I think you're missing out. No, going in a perpetual triangle 20+ times isn't the most fun you can have on two legs but you get some laughs, meet some nice folks, and they even feed you! Plus you would've missed out on Miss Hospitality herself...Karm a! She was doling out love and kisses while the weary Bag-Stuffers went in their triangular path. I saw Barth, Tony, Joe, but no one else I knew. I did meet someone in the Falcon club who has a beautiful '75 Pinto wagon- the one parked next to Meanie at last year's Bag-Stuffing. Yes I wore my T-shirt...

In pic #2... who is that peeking in that line of Bag Stuffers...?

A legend in Pinto Land joined in our fun this year... Jack Stratton and his lovely wife joined us at Carrow's Sunday morning (they sat at MY table NEENER NEENER NEEEE-NER! lol). The poor guy barely enjoyed his coffee... he was so inunduated with Pangra and Pinto fans! lol. Joe from Morgan Hill and his lovely lady (please forgive me I can't remember your name!!!) were also at my table. I left Carrows with some goodies to hoard and enjoy... then I donned my Cavalry Hat (Thank you Carolina Boy) adorned with a battle-scarred Pinto grille badge (Thank you TIGGER) and a flamboyant purple-blue feather (Thank you Stephanie!) and raised my "saber" (thank you again Steph!) and sort-of lead the charge. Stay tuned... someone's bound to have a picture of me with my hat at a rakish angle and my sword held aloft to lead the Cavalry!

At the show Mr. Strattonwas kind enough to sign autographs for anyone who appreciated his vision and expertise. He is a first-rate gentleman with not a touch of the snob in him. A world-class legend indeed. :)

Ok on with the show!

I didn't get everyone's car because I got them last year... or I think I got them last year. I mean no offense ifI left you out... I did want to get some memorable cars pictured.

Here's some more... ;D

Here's a couple memorial cars for our fallen heroes...


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