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Questions for Knotts show

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I've been to Fabulous Fords only once- last year. One of our Pinto community wants to hand out fliers for the Pinto Stampede and info on the Wounded Warrior Project. Are we (exhibitors) allowed to hand out fliers? Or can a booth or table be had for a fee to distribute this and have a banner too (away from the cars naturally)? Scott, Brad, or anyone else who can answer this please jump in! April 25 is closing in! lol. :lol:


Look under vendors.

You will not be able to put them out durring the show, but if you bring them early on the day of stuffing, you might be able to distribute.  Just a thought.

Here's another question:

I registered my '73 wagon to be in the show, but I'm beginning to doubt she'll make it to Buena Park. I don't remember FFF saying whether you can substitute another vehicle or not. Can we, and what's thre protocol... do I need to call FFF or...?  Thanks folks. ;D

P.S. I perused the Knotts FFF page and it says nothing about substituting a car, but the entry form does ask what model and what license plate # .  :-\

All they do is look at the classification number on the tag. If it says # 19 class your IN. No questions if its a 1980 or 1971


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