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Places to stay for Fabulous Fords


Fred Morgan gave me a good idea; any one that needs a place to stay should let me know! I have a couch if you are ok with that but there are also a lot of pinto people that have houses and big hearts! If cost is a factor on trying to come out, cross that hotel room off your list and I will find you a room, couch, small patch of floor or garaged Pinto to camp out in! Ha ha ha! I hope this helps!

Email me at

for a fast response.

Garaged Pinto wagon sounds fun!  ;D I'm tempted! lol.

Alberto or Barth and Virginia, if you're having a Saturday get-together, would it be ok if maybe I stayed overnight at someone's place? I can help wash cars, feed dogs, clean litterboxes (I'm an old pro at that! lol.)  Also, if the weather isn't horrific (in the 90s or 100s) may I bring Karma with me? I can keep her in the Mean Machine.  ;D


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