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As a lot of you have guessed, I have been attempting to locate Mr. Jack Stratton for quite a while & I believe I may have succeeded.

I am in occasional contact with him & he is interested, but due to a career & distances he has not yet made a commitment.  I don't want to pressure him too much as this is a portion of his life so far in the past & he is entitled to his privacy.

That being said, he is proud of the car & his efforts. as he should be.

Perhaps the 'positive' (please!!) results of this poll will help persuade him to make the date.

I would like to be able to forward to him the results of the poll (as well as any comments that you may wish to provide) & a pictorial tribute of the Pangra.  I will need a LOT of help & cooperation from all you Pangra & Pinto owners / lovers out there in PCCA Land. 

Send me an email with your thoughts if you like.

Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


I think It Would Be Great! if Jack Stratton were to come to Knott's and relive some Great Memories!

for thoes who don't know what a Pangra is.... or just want more info??

click here ~~>

for some Vintage Pinto Info about the fantastic ride that Jack Stratton created.

It would be a very nice thing if he would attend. I won't be there to witness it, unfortunately, but I feel he should be there. Here's why...

He, as the founder, is a VERY important figure in the history of the Pangra, or the Pinto too for that matter. Without him, they may have never been a Pangra Pinto, and it would not be such a great car EVEN TODAY. Not trying to be a history buff, but if he wants to go down in automotive history, this could be his chance to be remembered by all, or even at least us Pinto fanatics. If Carlisle's 40th Pinto Anniversary is a historical breakthrough for the car club, and the existence and respect for the Ford Pinto is boosted to huge levels, it would be great to have as much possible information about the Pinto/Pangra collected before it is too late.

There are Mustang facts all over the web, lots of history well known to almost everyone you might meet. However, how many people know the history of the founders of their car? Ask the owner of a Mustang Mach 1 and see if they know anything about the founder of it. Could be one more unique step ahead of them that we might get! :D

".... it would be great to have as much possible information about the Pinto/Pangra collected before it is too late...."

That's what I'm thinking too.  And it IS getting late.

 I applaud your efforts to locate and arrange a possible guest appearance of Mr . Stratton.  If he Isn't available about Raoul "Sonny" Balcaen III ?, the founder of IECO from the '70's. He's been seen at vintage car racing venues and still going strong. I googled him and he was still making contributions to the L.A. Republican political scene as late as 2008.

 Just a thought..



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