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wow knotts is almost here!!! ;Dhope everybody has got there magic ticket and am ready to roll to knotts.if needed take your car for a shake down run so theres ho surpises on the way to knotts.i know cause ive replaced a rag joint and a ing control module on mine. sure wouldt have to do that down at knotts.we all know we would like to hit the magic 40 cars this year!!! of course the mavrick falcon orther guys would be pissed but what the heck lets show what the pinto club is all about and make it to the show.i want to be part of the group when we hit 40!!! :hypno:go knotts go knotts see you all there!!!!! chris

Fred Morgan:
Chris that's what I have been doing. Just registered the car 3 weeks ago, used 1 tank of gas so far. Clutch was to tight had to adjust but then all trunk model's from Sacramento CA are to tight for some reason  ;D anyway did oil change and bought 4 tire's so I am ready now.  Fred   :)

With a little help from my mechanic neighbor I will be readying Meanie mechanically.. . then I will be getting her goodies put together... THEN she'll get her magic bath and wax because Shiny Is Good! lol.

Yep, getting the Ghost ready!! Pulled the drive line tonight. I will take it to driveline place on Wed. morning. Then hopefully get it back that afternoon, if not I will have to wait till Friday to get it. Then I plan on running my own wiring from battery to cig lighter and to power outlet. I tried using the original wiring but for some reason it doesn't stay hot. Figure I am done with that, running my own, I know it will work all the time! LOL

So hopefully by the end of next weekend, she will be ready to load! LOL Not roll because I don't want to drive her that far! She is my Queen!!!  ;D ;D

See you all there!!!!!  ;D

Norman Bagi:
Have fun, I hope to join you all there one day.


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