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knotts sunday ford fever

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im glad everybody is getting ready! before you know it knotts will be here and time for the show.hope everbody can make there and come. see you all there. chris :fastcar:


I do have my green "Class 19" ticket but don't think I can make it this year   :'( :'( :'(
My orange pumpkin is not running too good.  It did something real weird on the freeway a couple of weeks back.  My dad said the motor is getting tired and not to go too far out of town with it. I'm really bummed.

If anyone wants my show tag let me know.  I don't know if another car can go in my car's place.  Maybe Brad or someone would know the answer.

just my luck,


Jennifer, Im am sad to see your car is not working well   :(

You can give/sell your pass to anyone who has a pinto.

I forgot to put that I want to give my ticket away!  Anyone interested?
Thanks Brad,


OK, I got my new car home today! Just need to give it a bath before we go. Hubby tried to get his running but had battery problems, so his is needing some work before we go!!

Here is a pic of mine!!! Tiga is checking it out! :D

After last year, and trying to walk the show, we decided to bring transportation!!!!! LOL  ;D ;D


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