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Fred Morgan:
Robert not kidding, it would be $2432.00.  Fred   :hypno:   :)

Holy bat butts!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hypno: :hypno:

Ok, a few other parts I want gone.

1. I have a FREE set of 75-80 sedan seats in blue. They are in really great shape. minor tear on the drivers seat. They are the high back seats in two tone blue and slightly lighter blue. Seats are original material. These are free to someone who will use them, not sell them the minute they leave my house. You may get them friday or saturday day. Sunday evening works also. I will try to take a picture of the rear but the fronts are in the wear house.

2. Sedan doors, 77 I think. A few dents and one had minor rust that was fixed. They have been stored in doors for 10 years.

Let me know if you want these and I will get them to my house.

I also have a couple cars that I have saved and need homes.

1. 71 Pinto sedan. 80k miles, no rust, no accidents, COMPLETE minus the grille and roof rack. It is a 2.0 auto with drum front brakes. Has not run since '78. This is a california car. This is NOT a v8 project car. It is also NOT a parting out car. It is a great project that needs everything. I saved its life from someone that was going to scrap it after they took the grille and rack. This was NOT a factory roof rack car anyway. I paid $450 for it. So basically I want $450. It has been stored covered for 5 years.

2.  78 Cruising Wagon. Tangerine on tangerine. Not run since '88. The engine is toast. 2.3, stick with ZERO options. Cars body is really good. Damn near no dents or dings. The car was hit in the front in the past. The battery area is DUST but I have NOS panels to fix it. This would make a great resto, turbo car or V8. It is NOT a parts car. I got this about 5 years ago to build it but made my 80 a CW instead. it has been covered ever since I have owned it. It comes with the correct steel 4 spoke wheels, NOT the BBS's in the picture. They are there because I needed something to role it at the time. It also has a good instrument cluster that comes with it. I paid $400 for it. That's what I want. If you want the wheels, which I am asked every week, they are not for sale. The last set of 16x8 BBS wheels like these on ebay went for about $600. So unless I get about that, they will remain my track wheels.


Fred Morgan:
For the people who purshased part's from me this is the car your looking for thanks  Fred   :)

Fred you know my door and '71 inner door releases. Thank you.  ;D


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