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Bag Stuffing Saturday...Is It On?

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Goody Bag Stuffing Party on Saturday, April 24, 2010
Ford clubs and automotive-related organizations are welcome to participate in this event the day before. If you have something other than just a standard 8-1/2x11 flyer (folded or stapled is ok), please contact us for approval. We only want items that are of interest to our FoMoCo owners.
You'd want to arrive at Knott's about 10:30-10:45 a.m. as we stuff starting at about 11:00 and it runs until about 1:00. Complimentary lunch is served afterwards, and we'll have some bottled water for you during the stuffing.
The best entrance will be off northbound Beach Boulevard just south of LaPalma on the east side of Beach. This is just north of the Independence Hall and Water Park. As you go in the gate, tell them you're with the Ford Show and you can park for free... ask for directions, but it's basically straight ahead and to your right.
The Goody Bag Stuffing Party is held in the grassy "ballpark/picnic" area just on the north side of the Gold Rush Camp. You will be able to park in a space near the entrance of that area (look for a lot of Fords), on the north side and walk in ... you'll see canopies and one stretch of them will have tables laid out and a bunch of people and a truck at the finishing end of the line.
It's a casual, social event, but we need the goodies to arrive early. We'd only need one or maybe people to hand out your flyers... basically it's an assembly-line and you stand in one place while others go down the line and build-up their piles. If you have extra bodies that can help out, that's great.
Details subject to change.
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I'll be bringing all the shirts I have if anyone is interested.


Are you bringing stickers too? ;D

I don't sell those...


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